Blog#2: First Week @Hangzhou

Dear Parents,

Our IUHPFL students have already settled down in their Chinese homestay family and started their amazing learning journey here. Here are the photos about their first week of study.

When students first arrived in Hangzhou, they had a chance to walk around the west lake. There were many old people singing loudly and dancing happily by the river. Teachers told them stories about Leifeng Tower and Baoshu Tower. Many Chinese tourists were excited to see a group of American students and started to chat with them. Students happily exchanged greetings with them and took a picture together.
On the same day, students had a campus tour. Hangzhou No. 14 Middle School is located in the downtown area, not far from the west lake. It ranks top 5 in Hangzhou and provides AP track for students who want to study abroad in addition to the regular track. Two Chinese students from the AP track introduced the campus to our students.
"Learning Goals"
Every day students start class at around 8:00am and gets off school at around 4:45pm. Several host families live close to each other, so families take turns to send students to school. Some students live near the school and take a bus or walk to school. In the morning, students first share our observations and experiences staying in China. Then they have Chinese classes. 

Chinese Class

Baolaoshi teaches phonetics and grammar class. Penglaoshi teaches communication and literature class. Lilaoshi teaches communication and culture class. In the afternoon, they have sports class and activity class. Both are taught by No. 14 school teachers. 
Chinese Caligraphy,"Fu"(means good fortune)

"Hulu Si" 

So far, they have played basketball, badminton, pingpong, yoga in the sports class and learned Chinese instrument – Hulusi, Chinese painting, calligraphy in the activity class. They have all showed great interests in Chinese culture and amazing talent in mastering these skills.

To be continued...

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