Blog#3: Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Dear Parents,

Updating time! It is weekend again and let's see our dearest students' activities in the past week.
This Monday(Jun.22) was the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival(Held on the fifth day of the fifth month(excluding leap month) of Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is a traditional Chinese festival and now it is made as a regular national festival). Many host families took students out. Some visited the umbrella, fan, scissor and knife museum, some went to Xianju to pick Chinese berries, and some saw the dragon boat competition. 
On Tuesday, students visited the Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. The director warmly welcome us and introduced the history and development of Zhejiang province to us. He also encouraged students to help build up relationships between their schools in the States and schools in Hangzhou. 

Classes were still busy and students' language proficiency was progressing greatly, especially in listening. Although it was hard to adhere to the language commitment because there were many things they didn't know, but they all tried very hard to speak Chinese. In the afternoon, students started to learn seal carving and Taiji. Everyone successfully carved a seal of their own Chinese name. And they all learned the first few moves of Taiji and will be able to do the complete Taiji in two more sessions. 


Seal Craving

As the Chinese performance night is approaching (scheduled on 7/5), everyone was busy preparing for their performances. Teachers were amazed by everyone's talent.


If you want to know more about this, please look forward to our post next week!


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