Blog#5 Performance Night

This past Sunday(7/5) was our big day.The Performance Night was scheduled at 4 pm at No. 14 Middle School.

Students hand-made the invitation card to all the teachers who have taught us. Special thanks to Chase for designing the card.

Everyone was busy preparing for the performance night.
We prepared 11 performances in all. The detailed program is as follows:

1. Dance <Supergirl>: Kara, Dominique, Annika, Alex, Klaus

2. Piano & Song <Alouette>: Nick & Chinese sibling

3. Chinese Yoyo: Justin, Nick

4. Skit <Tale of the White Snake>: Sarah, Ellis, Mohamed, Marc, Dominique, Justin, Alex

5. Piano & Song <Baby>: Annika, Kara, Klaus

6. Chinese Music <Phoenix-tailed Bamboo under the Moon>: Klaus, Mohamed, Sarah, Nick, Marc, Justin

7. Chinese song Medley: Ellis, Nick, Kara & Bao Laoshi


8. Song <Cups>: Dominique & Chinese sibling & her friend, Justin & Chinese sibling, Kara, Sarah

9. Taiji: Mohamed, Nick, Ellis, Alex, Dominique, Marc & Peng Laoshi


10. Painting & Karate: Chase, Nick

11. Dance & Song <Little Apple> & <Sorry my Chinese is not good>: the whole class

Instructors also help them to record the video about what they would like say to their homestay families. These parents of homestay families were deeply moved by their heartfelt words. For both homestay families and our students, the past three weeks would be their most unforgetable memory. The performance was highly praised by all the audience, especially principal of the school.

Next week, our students will wrap their stay at Hangzhou start their week long excursion to Beijing and Shanghai. Please follow us with the last update before they get back to their sweet home. :)

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