Hard to Say Goodbye

Dear Parents,

Before giving your children a warmest hug at airport for his/her back from the great journey to the "Middle Country", we will provide the very last post of 2015 IUHPFL Hangzhou program.

After the performance night and the final test, everyone got packed up their luggage and took a train trip to Beijing and Shanghai for 6 days before their long flight from Shanghai(via Frankfurt) to Chicago.
Three days are too brief for touring the capital city of China, Beijing. There are so many attractions and delicious food waiting to be discovered. During the three days stay, we went to Chinese National Musume, Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.

Shanghai is our last stop. We went to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower(the height of which is 468m, 1535.43 feet), the Bund(the memory of the International Settlement era of Shanghai, 1843-1943), Yu Garden and the neighboring Local Temple(now most part of it remodelled as restaurants and a bazaar). We will probably visit "Xin tian di" today(Local time of Shanghai, July.14) before boarding on our flight.

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